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Donaco was founded in 2004, as an answer to the question asked to me more and more: can you do for us, what you did for them. I believe in the success of interim management in the field of innovation and change.

Change is a transition from one state into the next, and to succesfully navigate the transition, different talents and skillsets are needed than in normal business operation. By guiding change and innovation in different companies, I have learned that the processes are much to be compared, even if the industries and products are different. Existing culture, embrace of change and flexibility in the workforce are key elements, that differ in every assignment, there is no recipe or laid out plan to deal with those.

In the early years I was asked mainly to come in as Product owner for a new product or customer journey.

More and more I saw the (obstacle to) success lay in execution, so I extended my role to Project and Programme manager. In 2011 I came across an organization that wanted to change from a waterfall/PRINCE II model to an Agile/SCRUM company. I was fortunate enough to witness and participate in that transition, which made me a strong believer, that Agile based methods are the most effective way to create flexibility and change appetite in organizations, ad thus increasing their chance of success in the market.

All my transformation assignments have built and expanded on that .


Result driven


Connecting people





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Getting results drives me. I am able to bring across ideas at an executive level, defining goals, and translating these into practical plans and measurable results on the floor. In the current market of constant innovation, focusing on time to market and customer excitement are crucial. Without it, customers leave, as they are used to being excited by the products they use.

My career has always revolved around the place where the magic happens: on the cutting edge between Business and IT, and bringing them together.

I act in the role of Transformation consultant, or (chief) product owner/ program manager. By showing servant leadership and focusing on the company goals I am able to get the best out of teams. My experiences have been mostly in the (international) Telecoms industry, but also extend to Energy- en Human resource market. Always with a customer experience focus.  Assignments revolved around customer experience, IT, Telecom-networks and high tech marketing.


I am a certified SAFe Program consultant, LeSS Scaled SCRUM practitioner and product owner. I have an MBA from TSM Business School in management of technology and innovation and a Bachelors in Electrical engineering/Computer Sciences, combining the world of business and technology.

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